Southcoast Maritime Economy

Industry Overview

The maritime economy is a very active industry that contains great growth potential for the entire region of the SouthCoast. With the region being located right on the ocean, the most important sectors are boat building/repair and marine construction sectors.

The marine construction industry engages in the building of submarine oil and gas pipelines, as well as many other activities such as harbor dredging, and pier construction. This industry is poised to expand its footprint with the birth of the offshore wind industry – utilizing New Bedford’s Marine Commerce Terminal.

Southcoast Maritime Economy Industry

  • With the proximity to the ocean and available, skilled workforce, the Marine Construction and Boat Building sectors of the Massachusetts SouthCoast presents great possibilities for positive economic impact within the Maritime Economy.
  • Employment in the Marine Construction sector has continued to grow.
  • Boat building and repair is related to the commercial fishing industry. When the fishing industry is thriving, there is more business for boat building and repair.
  • It is also directly related to the tourism industry. When the tourism industry is strong, there is a higher demand for charters, ferries, and sightseeing tours.

Key Companies/Organizations

  • Pearson PilingsĀ 
  • Tripp Marine Construction Corporation
  • Quest Marine Services
  • Marshall Marine Corporation
  • Ocean Marine Fabricating
  • Marine Hydraulics
  • CF Briggs Inc.
  • Daniel Briggs Marine Surveyor
  • Diversified Marine
  • Marine Electrical Services Inc.
  • Marine Propeller Service

Workforce Resources